Types of trampolines


Trampolines offer a low-impact activity perfect for getting out of that sedentary lifestyle if you’re up for the challenge. From round trampolines to rectangles and even mini trampolines, countless types are available to fit your preferences – and your budget. What makes the experience more amazing depends on the bounce and the safety.

From jumbo-size trampolines to those with a netting enclosure and even motorized ones, each type offers something new to explore with excitement. Let’s take a look at the 15 types of trampolines – from hopping around in your backyard to performing stunts with gymnasts. Can you keep up? What style will suit your fancy today?

So, grab a seat, buckle up, and let’s get jumpy as we explore the world of trampolines together.

15 Different Types of Trampolines: How to Add Some Jump to Your Life?

Do you ever experience an urge to jump around? Are you ready for some serious trampoline action? Here are the 15 different types of trampolines that can give your backyard a new lease on life.

It depends on the look, size, and safety of picking the right trampoline for you. Leap into the world of trampolining with these types:

Type of trampolines based on shape:

There are four types of trampolines – Round, Rectangle, Octagonal, and square. Each type offers unique advantages in terms of safety, bounce, and ease of setup. Let’s explore each shape in detail.

1. Round Trampolines – Ideal for small children

Round trampolines are made with a circular shape, which gives users an even bounce. This type is also ideal for younger jumpers and families who want safety to be a top priority.

This gives you a powerful bounce and offers the most contact with the bed surface.

Safety-wise, the net enclosure helps keep kids safe from any accidental falls. Additionally, this type of trampoline can be customized according to size.

Types of Trampolines: Round Trampoline
Round Trampoline

Round trampolines have become quite popular due to their longevity and stability when bouncing on them. They are typically made of either galvanized or powder-coated steel and can be expected to last for a long time.

So, your kid can enjoy their jumping experience with these round trampolines.

2. Rectangular Trampolines – For overweight children

Do your kids have a tendency to weigh more than their age? Rectangle trampolines are best suited for overweight children. These trampolines provide extra room while still giving the same bouncing experience. This feature makes them great for performing somersaults and jumping without taking up too much space in your backyard.

Rectangular trampolines are safer as the springs generate a smooth and even bounce throughout the entire surface. Its footprint is more prominent than round trampolines, making it more stable.

You’ll also find that rectangular trampolines are often more comprehensive, providing more room for children to spread out their arms and legs during playtime.

So, your overweight kid can enjoy their jumping experience with these rectangle trampolines. We also reviewed rectangle vs round trampolins, you can check it out.

3. Square Trampolines-For toddlers

Square trampolines are great for younger jumpers as they provide a controlled environment while still allowing enough jumping area. The mesh enclosure helps keep kids safe, and the springs give them an enjoyable bouncing experience.

Square trampolines are also more affordable than rectangular trampolines, allowing you to save some money while still getting a quality trampoline. You’ll find that the square shape allows for more contact with the bed surface, giving jumpers an even bounce throughout.

So, your toddler can enjoy their jumping experience with these square trampolines.

4. Octagonal trampolines-For mischievous jumpers

Do you have some naughty kids who love to pull pranks? Octagonal trampolines are designed to keep rowdy children in check. This type of trampoline is excellent for those who like to take their bouncing up a notch. The eight sides offer plenty of room for mischievous jumpers, allowing them to perform a variety of jumps and tricks.

Regarding safety, octagonal trampolines are equipped with double or triple-layered mats and strong steel frames. These features help keep kids safe while providing plenty of room for bouncing fun. So, your mischievous kid can enjoy their jumping experience with these octagonal trampolines.

These are the four types of trampolines for your kids. Now move to the trampolines based on place for the different age groups.

Type of trampoline base on place:

There are four types of trampolines based on the place they are used: Mini-trampolines, Water Trampolines, Halfpipe, and Indoor Trampolines. Let’s explore each one with pros.

5. Mini Trampolines – Suitable for smaller gardens

Are you looking for a trampoline that is perfect for smaller gardens? Mini trampolines are your ideal choice. It is perfect for kids who want to get their daily dose of exercise without taking up too much space in the garden.

It also has an enclosure net, making it safe and secure for jumping children. Moreover, its smaller size makes it easier to store when not in use. So, you can set it up in your garden and keep it away when not needed.

6. Indoor Trampolines – Ideal for indoor play areas

Indoor trampolines provide the perfect option for parents who want to keep their kids active indoors.

It is excellent for practicing jumps and flips as it offers a smaller area with just enough space to move around. Indoor trampolines come with a durable frame, making them easy to set up and use. In addition, it is lightweight enough for you to carry around from one room to another.

So these types of trampolines can be used in different areas according to your need.

7. Water Trampolines-For water fun

Do you have a swimming pool in the backyard? Water trampolines are perfect for your summer days. This trampoline is built with a floatation device, allowing it to stay afloat on water.

It comes with an attached slide and ladder, making it easier for kids to climb up and down. Aside from that, it is very safe as the frame and bed are made from heavy-duty material. So, you can enjoy a day of outdoor family fun with these water trampolines.

8. Halfpipe Tramps-For spacious outdoor areas

Halfpipe trampolines are the perfect addition to your backyard. This type of trampoline is designed with two halves, providing enough jumping and flipping space. It can also be used as a practice tool by professional stunt jumpers.

The halfpipe shape helps to increase the height of the jumps and flips, allowing for some gravity-defying tricks. Furthermore, several anchoring points keep the board securely on solid ground. You don’t have to worry about unexpected movements when performing aerial tricks such as ollies and grind transfers.

So, with halfpipe trampolines, you can enjoy a day of family fun in your garden while practicing some incredible stunts too.

You can choose these four types of trampoline according to your home or outdoor space. Now move to the different trampolines in terms of durability and lifespan.

Type of trampoline based on durability:

There are two types of trampolines based on durability: spring-less and spring-based. Here is the 

brief of each:

9. Springless Trampolines – Long-lasting and durable

Are you looking for a trampoline that is both long-lasting and durable? Springless trampolines are your ideal choice. This type of trampoline is designed without springs, making it more reliable and safer for kids. Additionally, it comes with a soft bed that absorbs impact and reduces the risk of injury during use.

Moreover, this type of trampoline has fewer parts to replace over time. This means that its lifespan is longer than other trampolines, ensuring you get more value for your money.

10. Spring Trampolines – Durable and long jump

Spring trampolines are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made with a durable frame and high-quality materials, making them robust and reliable for multiple users.

In addition, spring trampolines come with an integrated suspension system that provides greater jumping height compared to other trampoline types. This makes it perfect for those who love practicing flips or aerial stunts, as it allows you to experiment with different moves.

Finally, spring trampolines are designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. This means that with proper care and maintenance, these types of trampolines can last for a more extended period without any significant issues.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the trampolines based on their durability and lifespan. Let’s explore the types of trampolines designed for activities such as basketball, bouncing, or rebounding.

Type of trampoline based on Activity:

There are five types of trampolines, each designed for a specific activity. You can choose according to your needs, such as:

11. Bouncer Trampoline – Perfect for bouncing activities

Are you looking for a trampoline specifically made for bouncing activities? A bouncer trampoline is the ideal type of trampoline for this purpose. It comes with a round design and a low height.

The unique design ensures an even weight distribution on the bed, thus providing a comfortable and safe bounce. The feature makes it perfect for recreational bouncing activities such as gymnastics and cheerleading.

12. Rebounder Trampoline – The best choice for rebounding activities

Rebounder trampolines are designed to provide the right amount of spring, allowing users to perform different exercises safely. They are highly durable and provide maximum flexibility, making them the ideal choice for rebounding activities.

In addition, they are designed with a low-height frame, providing enough stability while performing different sorts of exercises. This makes them perfect for those who want to improve their fitness levels or train for sports performance.

13. Basketball Trampoline – Perfect for basketball drills

Do you love to play basketball? Basketball trampolines are the perfect type of trampoline for you. These are designed to provide a realistic basketball experience when practicing drills or shooting hoops.

The trampoline has an integrated basketball system, allowing users to practice their basketball skills safely and effectively. Additionally, some models come with adjustable heights, providing more flexibility for users.

14 . Gymnastic Trampoline – Excellent for gymnastics enthusiasts

To participate in gymnastics, you’ll need a trampoline. Gymnastic trampolines come with air-filled mats, providing users with a comfortable and safe experience while performing stunts.

These trampolines are designed to provide maximum support for multiple users, allowing them to practice their skills without the risk of injury. In addition, they are made with durable materials, ensuring that they last for a longer time without any significant issues.

15 . Competition Trampoline-For Professional athletes

You are a professional athlete looking for a trampoline to meet your needs. Competition trampolines are the perfect type of trampoline for you.

Competition trampolines are designed for athletes who want highly adjustable heights and angles which help boost higher points during competitions. These professional-level models also offer extra cushioning compared to standard recreational types. Due to extra cushioning, athletes can quickly perform more complex jumps. In addition, they are also designed with a steel frame and high-quality materials, ensuring they last longer.

Now that you understand which trampolines are suitable for various activities, you can calculate how long the trampoline will stay durable. Generally speaking, most of these devices have an expected life span of between 3-5 years; however, with rational security measures and maintenance procedures applied, this lifespan would be considerably extended.

Closing Remarks On the type Of Trampolines

Trampolines have been around for a long time but have recently become more popular with the revival of backyard activities. With 15 types of trampolines to choose from, there is something to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. It goes without saying that safety should be a priority when selecting the perfect trampoline. 

Whether you are looking for mini-trampolines or an extra-large trampoline to enjoy with your family and friends, knowing each type will help you make an informed decision on the one that suits you. Consider the size, weight limits, features, and budget when shopping for a trampoline – it’ll jumpstart your fun.