Pure Fun Trampolines Reviews

Pure Fun Trampolines Reviews: Excellent Buyer Guide

Pure Fun is one of the well-known brands for trampolines because they serve quality and the best fun experience. People who are new to this activity might not know about them. Still, if you have never heard about them, it’s time to explore their products. They manufacture all types of trampoline for people of all ages. Also, they provide trampoline accessories for additional convenience. 

Buying a trampoline costs you so high; therefore, make sure to choose a brand that offers real value for your money. When I was new and looking for a trampoline for some fun time with my family, a friend introduced me to PureFun Dura-Bounce 14ft Trampoline. This product successfully fulfills all my requirements. Here are my detailed pure fun trampolines review and why you should pick one of their products without any future regrets. 

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Pure Fun Trampolines Reviews

PureFun Dura-Bounce 14ft Trampoline


  • Weight limit: 350 lbs.
  • Age: 6+
  • Enclosure: Included
  • 6 U-shaped legs
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight Limit: 350 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame Joints: Sturdy T joint to prevent frame damage
  • Jump Surface Material: Polypropylene
  • Springs: 96 High-performance steel springs, 7″ long
  • Jump Mat Color: Black

Trampoline Dimensions

  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 35″
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 168″
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 168″
  • Overall Product Weight: 145 lbs

1. Design

PureFun Dura-Bounce, a 14ft Trampoline, has everything one can look for in a garden trampoline, i.e., ideal weight limit, balanced frame, and safety. The U-shaped legs provide the required balance during jumping and remove any chances of accidents. The safety pads reduce injuries, and the stitching of the pad covering is of high quality, which improves the product’s appearance. For me, it’s a worth-having product.  

The color of the side circle is lime green, which makes it look attractive and catches attention immediately. Moreover, the buckle straps on the side have a nice yellow color, adding to its appearance. The size of this trampoline is big enough to suit any space, i.e., lawn, garden, or backyard. Touching this trampoline feels nice, and it effortlessly fulfills all standards.  

2. Frame & Enclosure 

The building material is steel, which makes it strong to withstand all jumping pressure. Moreover, it has T-shaped joints for a more rigid structure. The frame has a side enclosure net for kids’ safety. The net can keep your family safe from Uv lights and reduce any kind of damage. Also, Uv light protection ensures the long life of the product. 

The enclosure net has two zippers that allow easy entrance, and you can close them from outside, which offers better control if you have kids in your family. Moreover, it has buckles outside the zipper for additional safety because they will cover the situation if the zipper fails. Normally enclosed trampolines have zippers, but this buckle addition is unique in PureFun Dura-Bounce 14 ft Trampoline. 

Furthermore, the poles of the side net have padded covering for better assembly. Also, the poles have a little curvy shape for more safety. The net is not too tight, which creates greater space for jumping and playing. Moreover, the net placement is perfect, i.e., between the trampoline mat and the spring.

If you accidentally fall toward the net, there is no chance you will get any injury from the spring. However, the loose net causes some safety risks, but you can handle this drawback with little care.  

In addition to this, the U-shaped legs provide the required stability. No matter how long and how much you jump on it, it will never wobble and shake. Moreover, the building material of the tube is galvanized, so there is no risk of rust and damage. These legs can carry maximum pressure and withstand harsh environments without any sign of aging. 

3. Mat & Safety Pad

The mat quality is the main highlight of this trampoline, as manufacturers keep everything perfect, from stitching to the material. The mat has double yet fine stitching that adds to its looks and makes it durable after uncontrolled jumping. On the other hand, the building material of the mat is polypropylene ( PP ) which is ideal for generating maximum bounce and keeping the fun high. 

The mat has waterproof layers to ensure no rain or sun damage. Furthermore, its cover is made up of PVC with ideal thickness to ensure the required safety of the product. Also, thick layering keeps the mat safe from any external force. Overall, with this product, you will never face any safety concerns and will enjoy the best family time.  

4. Springs & Bounce

There are 96 springs of 7 inches in this trampoline for perfect bounce and restored power. It successfully fulfills the standards of trampolines of this height. Moreover, if you go with this number of springs and features, this product is the cheapest option that you will find in the market. The supremacy of its springs does not end here, as all springs are galvanized to keep the rust away. This feature greatly reduces damage and increases durability. 

With the required cushioning and padding, it offers a smooth and balanced bouncing experience. Also, the springs use strongly attached hooks to hold the mat. This feature is not common in all trampolines and makes it a unique addition to the niche of a trampoline. With these springs, this 15 inches trampoline can hold 350 lbs weight which is quite high for a trampoline of this size. Simply put, this product has many extraordinary features that make me buy it. 

5. Assembly & Warranty

When you buy this product and find anything missing, you can claim it from the manufacturers and get those parts within 30 days. This way, you will never regret your purchase. Moreover, if you fail to claim the missing part later, you can purchase it from the company at an affordable price. Also, the assembly is quite convenient and allows you to enjoy your products immediately after you receive them. 

The warranty of the PureFun Dura-Bounce 14ft Trampoline is of one year. However, this time limit is only for the frame, while for other parts like mat and net, it is 90 days only. For me, this is not enough, but with good care, you will never need to use a warranty. Overall this product has everything that I was looking for.

FAQs About Pure Fun Trampolines Reviews

Yes, the trampoline is one of the most effective workouts with fun that you can do any time of the day. With this single 20-minute activity, you can burn fat, shape your body and build muscles. Moreover, it affects all parts of your body, including legs, hips, back, thighs, and arms—the g-force work during jumping on the trampoline leaves health benefits.

There are so many products under this range with different weight limits. You can choose the limit according to your priorities. PureFun Dura-Bounce, 14ft Trampoline, weighs 350 lbs, which works perfectly for kids and adults. 

Trampoline rebounding has the power to burn calories more efficiently than a walk. You can burn more calories with 30 minutes of rebounding than with a 30-minute walk. So, if you are confused about choosing which works for you, go with rebounding.  

Many features in PureFun Dura-Bounce, a 14ft Trampoline, offer the required safety to a family. It has a 5.5 feet tall net boundary with zippers and buckles. The zipper allows controlled entry, while the buckles work perfectly in case of zipper failure. Also, the net’s poles are strong enough to carry the pressure of a sudden jump. Moreover, the mat is made up of PP that ensures standard and controlled bounce. 

There is no fixed answer as it depends on the trampoline weight limit. For example, if you own a trampoline with a 350 lbs range and you weigh more than the limit, then you are heavy for that trampoline. Generally, the maximum weight limit for a trampoline is 250 kg.

The Bottom Line Of Pure Fun Trampolines Reviews

Having a trampoline is an ideal activity to stay fit without getting tired. With a regular trampoline use of 20 minutes, you can build muscles in the legs, thighs, arms, and hip. Also, this activity is suitable for kids’ growth and muscle strength. If you want a trampoline that works for adults and kids, you can go with PureFun Dura-Bounce 14 ft Trampoline. 

With this product, you get extra safety for kids and an ideal bounce for adults. Also, the number of springs is 96, perfect for a high jump. Each steel part of the trampoline is galvanized to ensure rust protection. Moreover, the net provides safety from UV rays and protects you and the mat from damage. If you love your family and are looking for something that allows them a healthy activity, try it.