Jumpking Trampoline Review

Jumpking Trampoline Review: Excellent Buyer Guide

Jumpking Trampoline Review: A nice bouncy trampoline really helps in keeping your kids active even if you don’t have a big space at home. Jumpking trampolines are proven to be one of the topmost brands in the trampoline business. The brand needs no introduction as it has been in the business for more than 6 decades. It is an unrivaled trampoline manufacturer not only in the United States Of America but also in the global market too. Undoubtedly it is one of the largest trampoline brands.

The brand provides trampolines of different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to worry about space while planning to buy one. One thing is sure you will not see any sagging even after years of purchase. The bouncing bed lasts longer and remains bouncy to provide the jumpers with a nice lift each time they hop on it. If you are still having second thoughts about getting one, then you must go through the Jumpking Trampoline Review. Here is all that you need to know.

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What Does It Feel Like To Use Jumpking Trampoline?

For me, there is no other option when it comes to Trampoline. The best thing about Jumpking is that I used to bounce on one in my childhood days and now my kids are too. The reliability that the brand offers is unmatched. I am obsessed with these as I already have three of them. These trampolines really help you create a safe space in which your child can not only master motor skills like jumping but can also play other activities too.

I had a really good experience with me when I was 7 years old thanks to the Jumpking trampoline. If your child is too young to play basketball on hard surfaces then you should first make them practice on a trampoline with a basketball hoop. They can bounce and master their skills before they get on the court.

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The best thing about these trampolines by Jumpking is that they are equally suitable for adults too thanks to their high weight limit. The frame remains stable even if they are two kids on the trampoline. The no-gap design eliminates all the risks. These trampolines are quite spacious still there is no difficulty when it comes to assembling them.

You just need to know the accurate procedure and you can do it on your own within half an hour. The multilevel trampoline is really great as it is best for kids who are more energetic and athletic. These trampolines help me create a play area for my kids so they can have fun, explore, and try different jumping styles.

Jumpking Trampoline Review

Even though trampolines have been considered to be quite risky, Jumpking has always tried to provide its customers with trampolines with amazing safety features and top-quality structures. You will not see any kind of instability that might make you regret buying the Jumpking Trampoline. Year by year their products keep on improving as the brand relies on the latest technology to ensure the safety of its customers. Their best one is the JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline.

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JumpKing Pro Series Rectangular Trampoline 10 x 18 Feet

Let yourself and your kids be free while they are on the trampoline with the dual net enclosure and a design that eliminates the pinch points. Nothing can go wrong. The JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline 10 x 18 Feet is one of the top and best-selling models by Jumpking as you can create your own basketball court in it and can even have a target practice while you are bouncing on it. Although there are many more things, the resistance against weather damage is incredible.

The Detailed Review


The Pro series rectangular trampoline has one of the best designs as the makers have selected premium quality products. Whether it is the galvanized steel springs, the poles, the trampoline legs, propylene trampoline fabric, or the fam pads all are made sure to be the best in the game. It has a rectangular design with a length of 18 feet and a width of 10 feet. The overall weight of this enormous is 183 kilograms which adds to its stability.

Safety Features

The Jumpking Trampoline is designed by keeping in mind all of the ASTM safety standards. It has a no-gap design. The enclosure net surrounds the trampoline bed in such a way that even if you jump on the edge there is no chance of you landing on the metallic springs. In addition to this, the springs are covered by foam which reduces the danger of any injury. You can freely practice your gymnastic skills.

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The poles that are supporting the net have been covered by patent XPE foam sleeves, so the jumpers don’t get hurt even if they hit their head. The mesh net that covers the trampoline also has horizontal support in the form of rods which keeps the net secured in the palace. The net has a dual closure system. You can use the zip and the buckles to tightly secure the net.

Weather Resistance

One of the reasons many people don’t go for larger outdoor trampolines is that they are likely to get damaged due to excessive exposure to environmental factors. Thankfully the Pro series trampoline is the most resistant one on the market. The trampoline fabric which makes the bouncy bed is made up of propylene. It is resistant to UV radiation.

The frame including the legs, poles, and springs is made up of galvanized steel which is rust-free and resistant to corrosion. The other best part about the trampoline bed is that it allows ventilation, so there is no chance of it heating up. The trampoline fabric is also mildew repellent, so you will not have to fear slipping on the trampoline.


The thick frame legs make it quite evident that this trampoline is a stable one, but it is not the only thing responsible for the stability. The legs of the frame are connected to each other and the poles with the help of T joints. These joints are known to keep the frame stable and you will not experience any wobbling effect. In addition to the 6 frame legs, there are twelve poles that are vented outwards so the chances of contact with the jumpers are less.


Many non-trampoline users think that the bounce that they get on the trampoline is because of the trampoline fabric on which the jumpers jump, but in reality, the multiple metallic springs which are hiding underneath the pads are the one that gives you the lift when you bounce on the trampoline.

The JumpKing Pro Series Rectangular Trampoline 10 x 18 Feet provides its users with one of the best bounces because of the Propylene fabric and galvanic steel springs. The propylene fabric is really flexible, bouncy, and resistant to tear. This fabric is connected to 120 springs which are patented and aligned end in a V shape. This V-shaped alignment gives slightly more stretch and bounces to this trampoline in comparison to the other brands.


The warranty that Jumpking provides on the parts of its trampoline is quite impressive. Even though you can easily get the parts if you need new ones, the company offers different time-limited warranties on its different parts. The mesh net and the 12 poles come with a one-year warranty. The foam, trampoline fabric, foam sleeves, and springs have a 2 years warranty. Whereas the frame comes with a 5 years warranty.

FAQ’s About Jumpking Trampoline Review

The Jumpking trampolines are the best ones to buy as the manufacturers are known globally and have an experience of more than 65 years. The trampolines meet the ASTM standards. The frames are tested to be thicker and more stable as compared to the other brands. The company brings together the best quality elements to put together an unsurpassable trampoline. You don’t have to struggle much when it comes to repairing these as you will find the parts easily.

Conclusion of Jumpking Trampoline Review

Here is the Jumpking trampoline review which will help you choose the best one out there for your kids so that they can practice gymnastics, basketball, targeting skills, and much more without getting out of the house. It is a good source to keep everyone in the family connected. The JumpKing Pro Series Rectangular Trampoline 10 x 18 Feet stands out among the other models because of the stability and space that it provides to the customer.