Jumpflex Trampoline Review

Jumpflex Trampoline Review: Excellent Buyer Guide

Jumpflex trampoline reviews pop up whenever you look for the latest companies manufacturing the best trampolines. I have had a great experience using the Jumpflex trampoline and it’s the third product I recently purchased from them. Although the company is just a startup company and is in its beginner’s phase, still it manufactures trampolines with exceptional quality.

Plus, with comprehensive warranties and highly affordable prices, the trampolines provided by Jumpflex are the ones that you must consider if you are looking for the safest, high-quality trampolines for your kids. Because I was into trampoline sports, I want my kids to go there too. And for that purpose, I prefer going with different trampolines to make him more professional and versatile in his creativity of trampoline sports.

Jumpflex is the only brand that made me so satisfied with the products it manufactures. So if you are looking for a trampoline review and truly want to know about the best guide to help you understand what Jumpflex trampolines have in them for us, you are at the right place. Let us look at the details related to Jumpflex and its products.

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Jumpflex Trampoline Reviews

This Jumpflex trampoline review tells you everything about Jumpflex, the quality, and features of their trampolines, and why the company is getting famous.

About Jumpflex

It has been only 14 years since Jumpflex has been manufacturing trampolines. Even at its very start, the company makes high-quality products with exceptional performance and affordable prices. It is believed that they make the best possible trampolines in the whole US, which is why the company is one of the leading brands in trampolines.

The manufacturers in the company claim that they use high-quality construction components in all of their products and focus mainly on the safety of the person so that he can use the trampolines more comfortably. Let us look at the in-depth review of the trampolines belonging to Jumpflex and the features they carry.


Of course, trampoline takes up a significant price and can cause somewhere up to hundreds of dollars. Regarding Jumpflex trampolines, the price range revolves around $699 to $899 and not more than that. This means whatever size you purchase you will get a good quality premium trampoline at a budget-friendly price.


The company makes different sizes of trampoline ensuring every user can get the size of his own need and requirement. Each size is different from the others. Three different sizes are available in Jumpflex trampolines and that are:

  • FLEX120
  • FLEX140
  • FLEX150


Flex120 is a 12 feet trampoline that has eight net poles and 72 springs inbuilt in it. It is good for two people but it is recommended to use them one by one for safety purposes.


Flex140 is a 14 feet trampoline that has 10 net poles and 90 springs built into it. It is good for three people but just like the previous one, it is recommended to use the trampoline one by one keeping in mind the safety precautions.


Flex150 is a trampoline that has 10 net poles and is 15 feet in size. It comes with 100 springs integrated into it and is ideal to use by three people but just like the previous two options it is suggested to use the trampoline one after the other keeping in mind the safety precautions.


Jumpflex has not compromised the safety and durability of the trampolines they make. They have ensured that every trampoline comes with top-notch construction of the mat with proper and finest springs built in it. They used high tensile strength springs that not only are known for the finest bounce but also for the fast bounce rate.

The basis of spring is also sturdy and offers smooth deep bouncing every time you jump on the mat. Moreover, the springs are made in a way that maximizes the air time giving you more fun, more entertainment, and more enjoyment when jumping on a trampoline.

Weight Limit

Jumpflex trampoline comes with a weight limit of 550 lbs. Although the trampolines manufactured under the Jumpflex name are more reliable to use for users between 40 to 200 kgs of weight, the Jumpflex-TM 12-foot trampoline comes with a ladder and is made for users of weight up to 550 making it ideal for elders too.


The trampolines manufactured under Jumpflex supervision go through rigorous testing before coming to the market. They can tolerate up to 250 kgs of weight safely and securely and gives you the best enjoyable adventure for the whole family. Safety is specifically focused on when constructing the Jumpflex trampolines.

They are made with 42 gauge steel that delivers the smoothest and deepest bounce you need, prioritizing safety at first. Moreover, most of the users have reviewed positively about the safety of the Jumpflex that it provides them.

Plus, the company also claims that they do not encounter any of the notable problems related to safety when testing the trampolines. That is why you can say that this is one of the safest options that you can go with.

Assembling and Application

The trampoline comes with easy-to-assemble manufacturing. It comes with a step-by-step guideline that delivers the instructions for assembling and application of the trampoline. It will hardly take no more than an hour or two to get the setup ready to use.


Warranty is another important thing that makes the Jumpflex trampoline more reliable and the company more in demand. With the availability of a 10-year long warranty for frames, 5 years warranty for springs and mats, and a 3-year long warranty for padding and enclosure net makes the products belonging to Jumpflex more reliable and more trustworthy to go with.

Since for now, we have talked about the features that make the Jumpflex trampoline reliable even in just the startup phase of the company, now we will look at one of their most reliable product that is highly popular among users and is also highly positively reviewed and that is Jumpflex Trampoline For Outdoors.

Jumpflex Trampoline For Outdoor

The Jumpflex trampoline for the outdoors is one of the most renowned trampolines that you can reliably purchase for your kids. The trampoline comes in 12 feet size and is made up of polyester and steel construction material. It is round in shape and has an alloy steel frame material giving durability, strength, and rigidity to the overall product.

With a maximum weight limit of up to 550 pounds, you can trustworthily purchase this trampoline and can enjoy amazing jumping on it. Inbuilt curved safety poles with 360 degrees flexible and soft net make sure you can safely jump on the trampoline. It keeps you and your family secure throughout the time you are having fun.

Moreover, the enclosure is made up of 100% polyester that is tied together using the EndlessWeave knot-free system. It makes the net not only constructively strong but also nice because none of the knots is visible to the naked eye. Plus, there is this net door present in the enclosure net that when closed minimizes the chances of falling out.

Additionally, 42 gauge high tensile steel springs are rust-free and strong giving you the ultimate performance you need when jumping. Moreover, the trampoline is comparatively affordable, and budget-friendly, making it reliable for most users. What I love about a trampoline is its 360 degrees seal and soft-touch UV-resistant net that clips down to the mat throughout its surface, minimizing the accident chances.

Similarly, the 100% polyester UV-resistant net delivers outstanding performance and ensures the net does not break, nor wear or tear off from the direct rays of the sun.


  • 360-degree seal of the net
  • 100% polyester construction in net
  • Built to last
  • 12 feet in size
  • 72 springs
  • 550 lbs weight limit


  • Sometimes comes with missing springs

Jumpflex trampoline for Outdoors comes with easy, and quick assembling, and is 12 feet in total size. It is round in shape and green in color and is designed for safety, keeping in mind the protection of children. The presence of 550 lbs weight limit, and the construction with the use of 100% polyester in the net, and steel in the rod, make it highly reliable for outdoor usage.

FAQs About Jumpflex trampoline review

Yes, Jumpflex is a very reliable trampoline brand that makes very good quality trampolines with long warranties and affordable prices. The trampolines they manufacture are the ones that are made up of high-quality premium components and are available to tolerate UV rays ensuring security for the users.

Jumpflex trampolines are tested and tried before coming on the market to ensure ultimate safety while bouncing by kids. It comes with a 42 gauge high tensile steel frame to deliver the smoothest, and deepest bounce possible with high safety and security, due to the presence of a net enclosure and a door that you can zip up after entering.

The maximum weight Jumpflex can tolerate is 550 lbs and not more than that. Jumpflex comes with a weight limit capacity of up to 550 lbs. Most of the Jumpflex trampolines offer a weight limit between 40 to 200 kgs in general but there are some that can be used by overweight elders and these come with a weight limit capacity of 550 lbs.

Final Thoughts On Jumpflex trampoline review

Jumpflex is a good reliable company that manufactures trampolines with high quality and premium functioning. Whether it comes to pricing, warranty quality, or functioning, Jumpflex stands out among many other trampoline manufacturing companies in the industry. The trampolines that are made under Jumpflex names are built to last longer than usual and they are capable of tolerating high heavy weights.

They manufacture trampolines with outstanding quality and ease of assembly, making it easier for beginners to select trampolines from variable choices. Moreover, one of the appealing things that Jumpflex usually does with its trampoline is testing and trials before launching it into the market. This makes the trampolines more reliable when it comes to the safety of the users, making them more popular and reliable to use.