Jump Zone Trampoline Review

Jump Zone Trampoline Review: Excellent Buyer Guide

Jump Zone Trampoline Review: Kids want to have fun all the time, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to provide safe and healthy fun. Among all available activities, kids always love jumping on a trampoline. With regular use of the trampoline, kids will stay healthy and active. Also, at the end of the day, it will help them to get a peaceful sleep. Therefore, a trampoline is a worth-having addition to your garden. 

However, many parents show concern about the safety level of a trampoline. According to them, a trampoline can lose its balance, which can cause severe injuries. Also, uncontrolled jumping can damage bones. Luckily, nothing will happen like that if you go with quality manufacturers and take safety measures.

If you are looking for a trampoline to complete your kid’s play area or garden, here I have a detailed jump zone trampoline review and answer to how I pick the perfect product for my home. 

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How I Choose the Right Trampoline?

Each feature in a trampoline plays a vital role when you are specifically looking for it for your kids. Here I consider the following qualities to pick a suitable jump zone trampoline to ensure kids’ safety. 


A sturdy frame can handle jumping shocks easily and stays longer with you. Therefore, look for a frame made up of durable material and shock-absorbing technology. Also, a well-designed frame offers additional safety and keeps the kids away from tripping over. 

Number of Legs

The number of legs determines the balance a trampoline offers. Never go with a trampoline that has less than six legs. This is the required number of legs to attain the required safety balance. Also, legs help to keep the trampoline in its place even after hours of the jumping session. 

Safety Net 

A trampoline for kids must have a safety net around it. With a safety net, you can stay away and perform your task without any safety concerns. This net will keep them away from falling over while jumping. Also, look for the building material of the net. A net made up of polypropylene with safety foam allows the net to stay for years. Moreover, these materials keep the trampoline safe from the damage caused by sun and rain. 

Weight Limit 

When you choose a trampoline, go with a required weight limit. Sometimes people buy ones with a 400 lbs limit which is for adults. Therefore, 100 lbs are enough for kids. Many parents try this limit, and it works perfectly for them. However, this limit is for kids of 4-6 years. 


The bounce level is one of the most important features to consider because this is what makes you buy a trampoline. Look for a standard bounce level, as extra bounce can cause injuries while less bounce ruins the fun. Therefore, go with the appropriate bounce for kids. 


The assembly of a trampoline sometimes becomes tough and requires external assistance. Also, you have to work on it for hours to get the final product for use. In contrast, your kids cannot wait for this long. Therefore, choose a trampoline that is easy to assemble. However, this is a bonus feature, and most trampolines lack this, but with little effort, you will surely find one for you.

Jump Zone Trampoline Review

Trampoline with Enclosure Net Outdoor Jump Rectangle

ASTM Safety Certified

Safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to kids’ usage. Therefore, this trampoline brand keeps it on top. It has the approval of ASTM F381 and ASTM F2225-15. They get this certificate due to their stainless steel design. Also, the product has U-shaped legs to provide the required balance. Due to these amazing features, you can choose this product for your kids without any worries. 

Safety Protection Portfolio

For ensuring 100% safety for your kids, this trampoline has a safety net made up of strong nylon. To connect the net, it has strong metal pipes that offer additional safety. There is no gap between this fence to keep kids secure. Also, there are two zippers for control that you can use to enter your kids and then close it for a boundary. You can easily pick this one for your kids’ exercise and play time because of this turdy net covering. 

High Elasticity Heavy Jumping Pad

A jumping pad is the heart of a trampoline that determines its worth. This trampoline has 48 high-tension steel springs that provide the best bounce. Its springs successfully pass 20,000 tensile tests that ensure elasticity and required bounce. Also, the construction material of this product is stainless steel, which can bear the bounce for hours of use without showing any signs of damage. 

Strong Frame Structure

The frame of this trampoline has no ordinary steel; instead, it has galvanized stainless steel for additional strength and durability. This thing keeps it away from rust even after direct contact with water, which ensures its long life. The T section of the top rail has a strong connection with the frame to keep things balanced.  

The U-Shaped Solid Foot

Having a U-shaped solid foot is what makes it unique from other available trampolines. This special design offers extra balance and safety. There are three options available, and the number of legs depends on the size. The size for kids has three legs, but each U-shaped leg is equal to two legs with additional balance. If you want extra stability, go with this amazing product without giving it a second thought. 

Mat Material

The mat material is Polypropylene (PP) which makes it water-resistance and keeps it safe from harsh UV lights. Also, it is fade-resistant so that you can enjoy its looks like new even after years. Moreover, this surface creates an ideal bounce and provides a great rebounding force. 


To reach the bouncing surface, you don’t have to put your kids directly; instead, this product has an anti-skid ladder. With this ladder, you can teach your kids how to do things by themselves. Moreover, this ladder is removable, so you can fix it anytime you want and remove it within a few seconds. 

Durable and Strong Pipes

The strength of a trampoline depends on the quality of the pipes used to stand it. The pipe used in this product has thick and heavy metal with a rust-proof feature that lets it stay with you for years. 


  • High-strength safety spring
  • High-quality jumping mat
  • Easy assembly
  • ASTM F381, ASTM F2225-15 approved
  • One of the safest trampolines for kids
  • Comes in different heights and sizes


  • Suitable for small kids only
  • No warranty

FAQs About Jump Zone Trampoline Review

As children have fragile bones, it is recommended by the American Academy of Padriatic and the American Academy of Surgeons to allow children to use a trampoline when they are at least four years old. Moreover, you must be around when your child is jumping on a trampoline. However, a trampoline with additional safety features allows parents to enjoy their free time while kids jump on the trampoline without any worries.

Jumping on a trampoline helps improve cardiovascular health, and enhance the development of muscles and motor skills, making a kid healthier than those who don’t use it. Also, you don’t have to force a kid to do this activity, as bouncing up and down on a trampoline is so much fun. However, you have to follow safety advice to avoid any injury.

This is not true in all cases. In fact, playing on a trampoline improves muscle development and stimulates the brain’s activity. Moreover, this jumping exercise helps to improve the growth of bones during puberty. However, for children under four years, it can be a reason to stunt growth, as the bouncing pressure of a trampoline can damage their growth plates.

You can get inflatable pool toys instead of a trampoline, as such toys offer less risk of injuries. These toys offer bouncing surfaces but do not have bouncing pressure like a trampoline, making them suitable for children of all ages. Plus, these are lightweight toys that children can carry by themselves. Lastly, you can inflate them quickly for easy storage.

A trampoline is the best option when it comes to exercise, as it has multiple health benefits. It improves cardiovascular health and develops motor skills, making you more active physically and mentally. It also improves the overall growth and strength of muscles and bones. Moreover, you can use it to lose weight as it helps to burn fats.

The Bottom Line of Jump Zone Trampoline Review

Keeping a trampoline in the kids playing area or garden helps your kids to achieve better health and physical growth. After a complete research and considering many features, I choose Trampoline with Enclosure Net and Outdoor Jump Rectangle for my kids. According to my experience, it worked ideally for my family. It is safe, balanced, and provides a great bounce. 

It has a strong frame for durability, a safety net, and Polypropylene for a perfect bounce. Also, the two-zip design offers good access, while the removable ladder makes it attractive for kids. If you really want something that ensures the safety and is worth your hard-earned money, then consider this product.