ExacMe Trampoline Review

ExacMe Trampoline Review: Excellent Buyer Guide Review

ExacMe has been my number one choice for trampolines because of their superior stability, heavy-duty construction, high weight carrying capacity, and more. The best thing about the ExacMe trampolines is that it offers an exclusive warranty and great customer service. If you’re a beginner, here is the ExacMe trampoline review for your assistance.

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ExacMe Trampoline Review

I have bought plenty of ExacMe trampolines till now for me, my kids, and even my friends, and my overall experience with the brand is worthwhile. This is because ExacMe trampolines avoid unwanted movements, promote safety, and offer a reliable and enjoyable bouncing experience. Among all the ExacMe trampolines that I have used so far, here is my favorite ExacMe trampoline.

Best ExacMe Outdoor Trampoline

Build Quality

When buying the trampoline, the construction quality is something you should never take for granted. This is because a flimsy trampoline is not only short-lived but can also put your safety at risk.

I have experience bouncing on an unstable trampoline, and based on that, I must say it’s the worst thing ever. In a nutshell, you should never compromise on the building of the trampoline—all other parameters like appearance, weight capacity, etc., come later.

When we talk about build quality, it means the materials used in making a product. As far as a trampoline is concerned, there are three components: frame, net, and bouncing area.

The frame of the ExacMe trampoline is made of high-quality galvanized steel that stands stiff and avoids unwanted vibration or movement. Not only that, but the steel used in making this trampoline is resistant to rust, weathering, and other external impact factors.

Secondly, the lining or closure of the ExacMe trampoline is made of fine net material that is quite stretchable. It protects the kids or adults using the trampoline from falling outside by keeping them in the vicinity of the trampoline. The net used in making the lining of the ExacMe trampoline is super soft and gooey so that if you strike it, you’ll not get harmed.

In addition, the base area where you’re bouncing is made of polyethylene material that is elastic and silky yet durable enough to tackle your weight and the pressure exerted on each bounce. In short, the ExacMe trampoline bouncing area is quite fulfilling and feels soft on your feet.

However, that doesn’t mean you are all set to roughly jump on the trampoline or enter the bouncing area with something sharp. The ExacMe trampoline bouncing area is sensitive to sharp objects. You should never wear shoes or anything hard or sharp on the ExacMe trampoline.

Weight Carrying Capacity

The second most important thing that needs your prior attention is the weight-holding limit of a trampoline. Every trampoline has a threshold limit beyond which it cannot tolerate the weight. The weight-carrying capacities of trampolines are generally measured in lbs. and vary from model to model.

Usually, the trampolines that are designed for the single user have less carrying limit than the ones that are made for multiple uses. That’s why it is highly suggested to do a cross-check roughly to buy a reliable trampoline.

The ExacMe trampoline has a weight holding capacity of 335 lbs., which is quite extravagant. You can bounce on this trampoline along with your kids without any worry.


As I said earlier, stability is something you should never compromise on. This is because a flimsy or shaking trampoline will not only put your safety at risk but also eliminate the joy and pleasure of bouncing on a trampoline.

In this sequence, the ExacMe trampoline is my number one choice because it is made of high-quality metal frames. The legs of this trampoline are engineered in a way that they contact the ground nicely and reduce any unwanted movement or vibration.

In addition, there are two quick clamps added to the ExacMe trampoline legs that secure the trampoline to the ground and provide the most stable bouncing experience ever. However, if you face any issue with the stability or balance of the ExacMe trampoline, you can call customer service for assistance.


Nevertheless, if you are a beginner or have been using a trampoline for a long time, it is always tedious to assemble a trampoline. The ExacMe trampoline is a big-size product, which is why most of the buyers think that it would be a hassle to join and install this trampoline, but luckily that’s not the case.

The ExacMe trampoline is super easy to install and assemble even for the newbies. Not that it comes pre-assembled, but the parts and joints are feasible to put together in an assembly and experience bouncing on it.

In addition, the ExacMe trampoline comes with a quick guidebook that gives a pictorial illustration to users about how to assemble the ExacMe trampoline. If you’re a novice and have never assembled a trampoline before, I suggest you see the instructions carefully in the first place.


Safety should be your number one concern when buying the trampoline, especially when you’re looking for a trampoline for kids. This is because the trampoline is a fun activity that can be risky as you can fall outside the trampoline on an unwanted bounce.

Don’t worry! The ExacMe trampoline has already got us covered by including the bouncing safety guard to this trampoline. It comes with shock-absorbing material that covers the springs nicely and reduces the chance of slip and fall or any possible injuries.


As I shared earlier, ExacMe is a top-notch brand for selling trampolines and it offers all the required features that a user could ask for and a warranty is one of them. Trampoline is not something one can buy monthly or quarterly because it is expensive. Therefore, to gain the trust of customers and to facilitate them with the best, the ExacMe trampoline offers a three-year warranty that makes this product a safe and reliable choice for everyone.

Customer Service

Not only does the ExacMe trampoline offer a warranty, but the brand also has great customer service. In case of any problem, you can contact the company customer helpline without any hesitation and get your problem resolved instantly.

FAQs About ExacMe Trampoline Review

The ExacMe trampoline is a multi-user trampoline which means more than one user can bounce on the trampoline at a time. It has a weight holding capacity of 335 lbs., which is quite impressive.

ExacMe is the number one brand for making high-quality trampolines at affordable prices. There are many perks of ExacMe trampolines like better stability, safety, warranty, and more.

The ExacMe trampolines are the best rust proof trampoline because they are coated with a resistant powder that keeps the corrosion away and makes the trampoline suitable for outdoor use. Well, to be honest, the metal frames are prone to rust so it would be great if you avoid their exposure to dampening conditions.

The Bottom Line of ExacMe Trampoline Review

That’s all for the ExacMe trampolines! There are many perks to getting an ExacMe trampoline like excellent build quality, superior stability, better weight-holding capacity, and so forth. In a nutshell, you can enjoy the pleasure and joy of bouncing on the ExacMe trampoline.