Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

Bounce Pro Trampoline Review: Excellent Buyer Guide

Are you looking for an affordable, high-quality trampoline for your backyard? Well, Bounce Pro Trampoline has got your back. Bounce Pro Trampoline or BouncePro Trampolines have a very reasonable price range and have all the basic safety features. I will share my experience with this brand in explicit detail in this article.

Bounce Pro Trampoline is quite a famous brand of trampolines. If you have ever been to some physical retailers, there is a high chance you have seen or heard of this brand before. People like it because it gives all the necessary features in such an affordable price range. It comes mostly in 14′ models, but a few retailers also sell 15′ models.

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Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

These trampolines have various features which are worth mentioning. The reasonable price of their products makes it the best purchase for people on a budget who want to get something that lasts a little longer.


These trampolines are very sturdy and are made for children mostly. Most of the products are damaged if used excessively by adults of relatively larger weight. However, the product is designed mainly for kids. It comes with all the tools necessary for assembling it.

It is very easy to assemble. The Bounce Pro Trampoline is much more durable for its price. Moreover, these trampolines come with a safety enclosure so your kids will not bounce off the trampoline, which is one of the main concerns of parents when buying a trampoline for their kids.

Another best option for these trampolines is their bonus feature of adding a game to their trampolines. The most common is the basketball feature. It also comes with an electron game and flashlights dance show while jumping.

However, there are some areas where the products of this brand are lacking. To name a few, these products are not best for adults as much as it is for kids. Additionally, the life expectancy of these trampolines is not as high as the other high-end trampolines. Sometimes it also comes with missing parts, making it difficult for the customers to assemble it.

Best Bounce Pro Trampoline

Bounce pro has some cool trampolines with interesting new features. There are trampolines with electron games and flashlights. However, one of the best trampolines is the Bounce Pro 14-Foot Trampoline, with Safety Enclosure and Basketball, Blue Gray.

Bounce Pro 14-Foot Trampoline, with Safety Enclosure and Basketball

The 14 feet trampolines are the most affordable and manageable by bounce pro. These trampolines are the best for your backyard. Its sturdiness and safety make it a popular choice among parents. So, if you want a safe bouncy trampoline for your kids to exercise at home, you should continue reading this article.


Ultra-Violet Rays Resistant

The trampoline claims to be UV resistant. The major issue that outdoor machines and tools face is the UV rays from the sun. It can dry out any material if not covered properly. Eventually, leading to less longevity of the product. The jump mat is USA-engineered TenCate Permatron® and can remain intact in over 5000 hours of UV testing.

However, Bounce Pro 14-Foot Trampoline comes with protection from the harsh rays of the sun. The trampoline jumping mat has polyethylene enclosure netting and 96 V-rings for extra durability. I have been using it for a while, and it has stayed the same. The jumping mat is still in good condition.


The trampoline has galvanized steel tube frames that are very sturdy after assembling properly. It gives a much more secure feel. The rust-free steel tubes are water resistant, and their springs have paddings that protect them from harsh weather. The black powder-coated painted steel tubes make it aesthetically pleasing and rust-free.

Trampolines with poor rusty legs usually twist or bend, leading to either injuring the users or wasting their money. Conversely, this trampoline has a patented double-welded plate’s leg weld. So, I did not notice any bending, twisting, or even breaking during very high jumping.


Bounce Pro 14-Foot Trampoline offers top-notch safety. While making these trampolines, kids’ safety was kept in mind. It is the best backyard exercise source for your kids. There is a safety enclosure around this trampoline so kids cannot jump extremely high and hurt themselves.

Personally, I love the netting enclosure and the foam paddings around the springs. The springs are already built outside the netting, so it reduces all the chances of getting hurt due to the lousy springs. Parents love it as they can let their children play without worrying about them falling off of the trampoline.

U-legs Design

Apart from the strong rustless steel tubes, the legs are also rust-free. The shape of the legs is U which gives it extra support and durability. It can support high jumping and movements. Additionally, the black powder coating of the legs provides more protection from humidity and UV rays.

Basketball System

The kids can get extra exercise and fun with the basketball feature. There is a built-in basketball hoop. It can increase your kid’s outdoor playing time as they get double fun. The PVC-fabric basketball system is easy to install on the trampoline and comes with a pump and ball.

Even though the basketball system is fun and popular (especially among the kids), I found it rather floppy. Therefore, it was not strong and did not withstand all the shaking and jumping.


The trampoline comes with a booklet which has really easy steps. The booklet has easy and simple instructions written in the English language. The average assembling time is between three to four hours. However, if you are going solo on it, then it might take more time.

I suggest doing it in a group and reading the instructions carefully before attempting to assemble it. The process is technically easy but very time-consuming, so an extra pair of hands will be handy. However, the net tying process took me a lot of time, but this is the main part when it comes to the safety of your kids, so make sure to tie it properly to avoid any risks.

Additionally, the stickers on the legs were not in proper order, and they did not align with the holes. It took more time to realize after tying it to the wrong holes. Please keep this in mind and ensure the proper order of the stickers.


This trampoline is cheaper than trampolines, with the same features as other companies. It will cost you less than 300 dollars with high-quality features. Overall, the price range of this product is reasonable.


Mostly it comes in two packages. So, if you have one box, wait for the other one before installing it. The packaging is safe, and I got all the pieces. However, a lot of the customers complain about missing parts. So, check all the parts and contact your retailers.


The warranty of the whole set is one year after the purchase date. It means the spring pads, net enclosure, foam pads, etc. The steel frames have a warranty of seven years, and the jump mat has three years after the purchase date.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong net enclosure.
  • Basketball system (gives extra play value)
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rust-free U-design legs.
  • Rust-free premium quality steel tubes.
  • UV-resistant jumping mat.
  • Padded springs


  • Floppy basketball hoops
  • It might come with missing parts.
  • Not best for adults.

FAQs About Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

The total weight limit of this trampoline is 220 lbs. Please make sure there is one jumper at a time on the trampoline.

The jumping mat size of this trampoline is 149″ (12ft 5 inches). However, the overall diameter of the trampoline is 168″ (14ft).

If you order it in one club box, it will be 48′ x 20″ x 19.3″ and weigh 190.3 lbs. however, if you order it in two boxes, then the size will be 48.5″ x 19.7″ x 12.6″ (126.5 lbs) and 48.5″ x 19.7 “x 8.7” (62.7 lbs) respectively.

The weight of this trampoline is 144 lbs, and its dimensions are 52 × 18 × 11.

Final Verdict On Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

Overall, the product is really amazing for its price. You can rarely find a product with such premium features for this price. I especially like its net enclosure because kids’ safety is always a priority when buying any product, which involves excessive jumping and movement of the kids.

It increases the kids’ play time with its exciting basketball system. The kids loved jumping on the trampoline and playing basketball simultaneously. It is sturdy and has zero chance of twisting and falling over with the jumping. So, this product is affordable and a great fun-filled piece for your backyard.