Acon Trampoline Review (Based on Personal Experience)

When my younger brother started asking for a trampoline I began searching for the best trampoline for him. All of my focus was on safety and built quality because of course like every other elder sibling, I truly wanted the safest playing environment for the younger siblings. I came across so many options but the one that I found to be the most safest and reliable one was the Acon trampolines.

If you’re tired of searching for the best trampoline company and are confused among so many options, I will tell you about one of the most remarkable companies standing in top positions in the list of top trampoline companies. “Acon”! Yes! With the premium features and specifications in their trampolines, the company delivers outclass built with efficient performance.

Let us look at the in-depth details about the brand and look at its top best product.

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Acon Trampoline Review

Hereby we are specifically talking about the Acon trampoline review, what makes them special, and one of their most renowned products with all of its features, advantages, and disadvantages. We’ll focus on the brand and then focus on the points that make this trampoline manufacturing company famous and reliable.

About The Brand “Acon”

Since 1996 Acon has been one of the most renowned companies manufacturing high-quality trampolines. Although at the very start of the journey, the company was not that reliable but with the passage of time and after learning from their mistakes, the company came forward with top-notch trampolines ensuring to give the best possible performance to all trampoline game lovers.

It’s been around 24 years and Acon is known to manufacture trampolines of different sizes and premium construction. The wide collection of trampolines in this brand gives you the choice to select your favorite one according to what you prefer for your child. Let us talk about specific qualities of the brand that makes their trampolines reliable to purchase.

Built Quality

Undoubtedly Acon trampolines are known for their built quality and long-lasting performance. They can serve you for years if you use them correctly. And this is because of their construction that makes them premium and long-lasting.

Here we will be specifically talking about their frame construction, spring construction, and padding present in its manufacturing to see why Acon trampolines are still one of the leading brands in the trampoline manufacturing industry all around the world.

  • Frame Construction
  • Spring
  • Mat And Padding

Frame Construction

There are different types of frames with different construction giving different shapes to the trampoline. Some of the frames come with round construction and some of them are square and some of them even come with pentagons, hexagons, and other different angles.

Most of the Acon trampolines are made up of steel frames with adequate thickness to give the trampoline incredible strength and sturdiness. It ensures that the trampoline is stable and heavier to maximize the safety and security of the children.

All of the frames of the Acon trampolines are made up of galvanized stainless steel, making them rust-resistant and long-lasting. All of them possess different features so make sure to get the one that you think would be adequate according to your environment, the temperature where you are living, and according to your usage.


Then comes the spring. The presence of gauge steel springs with heavyweight promises to give you the true lift you need. You will get the perfect bounce you want for your kid to give him maximum fun and entertainment. Some of the Acon trampolines come with springs to give real high bounces while ensuring they are not harmful to small kids.

Keeping that in mind you have to look for a trampoline that is made specifically for the age of your kid. Undoubtedly not only the frame construction but also the spring construction of the Acon trampolines is unmatchable in its performance and the premium quality it provides the users with.

Mat And Padding

Just like the frame and spring the mat and padding are also very reliable for use by kids. The Mat of the trampoline is made to tolerate exposure to sunlight and is UV treated. It is made in a way to not react even if it gets exposed to lots of UV rays.

Similarly, the thick rubber padding with vinyl coating in most of the Acon trampolines is not only substantial but also provides the required protection. So we can say the overall structure of the Acon trampoline is unparalleled to other trampoline options we have when we search for the best trampolines.

Enclosure Net And Enclosure Poles

The enclosure net is not only well designed in each of the Acon trampolines but also is very strong and is made to ensure the safety and security of the children playing inside. The net is flexible to give maximum adventure and minimize the hurdles while playing. Moreover, these enclosure poles are highly durable and can survive strong movements of jumping and playing without breaking or damaging.


All of the Acon trampolines come with a manual that tells you about the details of the trampoline and how you can assemble it. It is easy to assemble and is quite straightforward to do so. Assembling hardly will take an hour for almost all of the Acon trampolines and does not need any professional experience.

Moreover, the manual is very easy to understand because it comes with both written instructions and a picturized description telling you how to use and assemble the trampoline.


Warranty is another important thing that is the main reason for making this Acon Trampoline brand stand in our top position. All of the trampolines belonging to Acon come with 10 years frame warranty, 5 years mat warranty, and 2 years spring warranty based on the model you’re purchasing.

The warranty varies depending on the model and type of trampoline you’re buying. Not only that but in case your warranty gets over, the Acon comes with a list of spare parts that you can get directly from the company based on the model you have, in case you need any.

As for now, we have talked about the important features of the Acon trampoline that makes them stand among the top brands but now I will specifically be talking about one of the best-known Acon trampolines and that is ACON Air 4.6 trampoline 15.

ACON Air 4.6 Trampoline 15

This is one of the most renowned trampolines from Acon which is known to last longer than usual trampolines. It is made up of high-quality construction material and is perfect for both small families and large families. It comes with the features that you often look for in the trampoline when purchasing it. It promises to deliver the finest of entertainment with proper safety and security for the children.

It is a 15 feet round trampoline that comes with premium quality, a safer, and clearly designed net. The presence of a 5 years warranty reduces the stress of problems that you may encounter with the trampoline. Additionally, with an 800-pound weight limit, the trampoline is not only for kids but also for adults who want to bounce and jump and enjoy just like their kids.

Gallery (ACON Air 4.6 Trampoline 15 On-Ground and In-Groud Trampolines)

Well, the Acon Air 4.6 comes with 300 pounds of total weight which ultimately makes it one of the heaviest, strongest, and most stable options. Moreover, the heavy-duty galvanized steel construction of the frame adds to the reasons to give this trampoline a chance.

This galvanized steel construction makes the trampoline durable, long-lasting, and strong to tolerate movements. The springs used in the mat are rust-resistant and durable. This means they will not catch rust, even if you are using them for longer. There is this thicker pad on the springs to deliver the safest possible bounce with the maximum comfort zone and maximum convenience of jumping.

Quick assembling, just with some simple steps, makes it reliable for beginners. I like the inbuilt door, on the safety net that opens for people to get in and is then closed. So that there are fewer chances of someone falling off, regardless of how rough and tough they are playing and jumping.


  • Inbuilt galvanized steel frame
  • Rust resistance springs
  • 300 pounds of the total weight
  • Comes with 800 pounds weight limit
  • 5 years warranty
  • 15 feet round structure


  • Poor customer service
  • Not really durable


ACON Air 4.6 trampoline 15 is one of the best-known trampolines belonging to the world-renowned and one of the top leading brand manufacturing trampolines, the Acon. This trampoline comes with a safety net that is flexible and has an inbuilt door in it.

Additionally, the presence of 800 pounds weight limit and 5 years warranty with 15 feet round structure makes the trampoline not only reliable for kids but also for adults under the given weight limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can definitely put an acon trampoline in the ground. Most of our users have already done that and have reviewed it positively. One of the important things that you have to keep in mind is to get done with the frame installation before digging it into the ground. This will make it easier for you to ensure adequate sizing and proper measurements so that the trampoline is installed in the ground with the correct size.

The general weight limit for a 14 feet trampoline is between 350 lbs to 475 lbs. This means the 14 feet trampoline can tolerate 158 kg to 216 kg of weight. This size and the weight limit are ideal for two people to jump on a trampoline at once still keeping in mind the safety reasons it is highly recommended for the user to jump one at a time.

Keeping in mind safety the first thing that you have to pay attention to is what is the weight of your kid who is going to use the trampoline and what area you are going to place the trampoline in. The generally recommended size of the trampoline for safety purposes is to go with the one that comes with 10 feet width and 12 feet length. This would make it easier for the children to jump and enjoy on the trampoline, without safety issues.

Final Thoughts

Acon has been in the field of manufacturing top-notch trampolines since 1996. The trampoline it manufactures comes with features that make them stand in our top positions and make the brand one of the leading brands in the industry. All of the Acon trampolines are made up of steel galvanized frames and have padding in the mat to make them safer. They are stable, heavy, and easy to assemble.

Moreover, all of the trampolines belonging to Acon come with a warranty and have a separate warranty on mat springs and frames. The trampolines belonging to Acon come in numerous sizes and shapes so you can select the most reliable one according to your need. One thing that should be kept in mind is that Acon not only makes trampolines for kids but also makes them in such a way that makes them ideal for adults and elders with heavyweight.